Versatile 3D Scanner

If you are looking for a highly versatile, compact and lightweight 3D laser scanner, you are at the right place.

Highly Compact and Lightweight


Versa3D weighs just a little over 900 grams including battery that lasts for more than 4 hours in a single charge. This allows it to be carried by any mid-size drone. It can even be used as a handheld scanner.

Easy to Use


Versa3D is extremely easy to use. See the video on left on how to perform a stationary scan.

Use on a Drone for Mobile Laser Scanning and Mapping


Since Versa3D weighs less than 1 kg, it can be carried by any mid-size drone. Here is a video of Clickmox's MineFly system being flown in an inaccessible area with Versa3D mounted on top.

Scanning Stopes and other Hard-to-Access Areas in Underground Mines


Due to its versatility, Versa3D can also be used as a standard Cavity Monitoring System (CMS), though with much faster data acquisition and ease of use. And if it's used on a drone to scan a stope, it does not suffer from loss of data due to shadowing effect commonly encountered with standard CMS.

Quick Scanning and High Point Cloud Density


With Versa3D typical stationary scan takes about 17 seconds to complete. During this time the scanner shoots about 42000 laser pulses per second ensuring a dense point cloud. The user can increase the scan time from the app to record more details.

Measures Reflectivity


Versa3D also measures laser light reflectivity, which provides a more clearer and detailed point cloud as compared to scanners that do not measure and record light reflectivity. This also helps with georeferencing the map during post processing. Please contact us for more details on how georeferencing is performed.

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