Whole-Mine Scanning


Clickmox provides large-area scanning services especially for underground mines. This is especially useful for mapping of old mine workings that are generally needed for rehabilitation process.

Ore/Waste Pass Scanning


Scanning of ore and waste passes in underground mines is very important and useful to understand how the passes are evolving with time. Any constriction can negatively affect production and widening may severely affect the nearby drifts, fingers and passes. Clickmox has been providing these services at different mines with its CartScan solution.


Scanning and Mapping with Drone


Clickmox provides scanning and mapping services of hard-to-access and inaccessible areas using aerial drones. For these jobs, Clickmox uses its MineFly system.

Scanning of Narrow Stopes


Scanning and mapping of narrow stopes is very challenging in underground mines. Clickmox uses a variety of methods and technologies to provide such services.

Clickmox Solutions 3D Laser Scanning an Mapping Underground Mines

Video Inspections


Video inspections of narrow raises are very valuable in terms of understanding the ground conditions including wear on liners. We provide such services using systems that capture and record high quality videos.