UAV 3D Scanner


MineFly is a turn-key solution for scanning and mapping hard-to-access and inaccessible areas in underground mines.

Thoroughly Tested and Dependable


The system has gone through extensive tests in the NORCAT test mine as well as in various operational mines around the world. Clickmox uses this system regularly in its service contracts for underground mines.

Robust Collision Avoidance, Propeller Guards and LED Lighting


The collision avoidance system on MineFly consisting of 10 low-definition cameras and sonar sensors does not let it collide with the walls. The high intensity LED lighting all around the drone makes flying easy and video feedback crisp. And the propeller guards provide extra protection against collisions.

Scanning and Mapping Stopes and other Hard-to-Access and Inaccessible Areas


Drone is ideal for scanning hard-to-access and inaccessible areas in underground mines, such as open/unsupported stopes. Clickmox has been using this system in service contracts for several years. It's easy to use and provides a higher level of safety as compared to traditional scanning methods. Scanning a typical stope takes only a few minutes of drone flight.

Robust Collision Avoidance System


The collision avoidance system has been thoroughly tested in difficult conditions typically encountered in underground mines. This video shows the system being tested in an underground mine rescue test facility.

Laser Scanning with Video Survey


This clip shows 360 video from the drone in a drift. The high intensity LED lights on the drone make it possible to capture clear and crisp video in extremely low lighting conditions.

Scanning and Mapping Small and Large Underground Mine Cavities


The system is capable of scanning and mapping both small and large underground mine cavities.

Scanning Large Cavities with No Shadowing


Traditional CMS is performed with the scanner mounted on a long post. Since the system remains stationary, it produces shadows. Scanning a stope with the scanner mounted on a drone allows it to capture all the details.

Higher Point Cloud Density Means Higher Level of Details


Here is a comparison of scanning a stope using traditional CMS with that from MineFly. Higher point cloud density obtained from the MineFly system gives higher level of details leading to better understanding of ground conditions and profile.

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