Cart 3D Scanner


CartScan is an ideal solution for scanning and mapping ore and waste passes in underground mines.

Tested and Reliable Design


The current version of CartScan has been developed after extensive tests performed in different ore and waste passes in various mines. The cart has an optimized weight and dimensions to allow easy movement in raises with very rough surfaces.

Video and Scan


The cart is slowly lowered in the pass with the help of an electrical winch while the laser scanner performs scan in the cart mode.



The video on left shows a fly-through created with the data captured with CartScan. This type of fly-through is very useful in determining the condition of the pass.

Differential Measurements


Differential measurements allow comparison of raise's evolution with time.

Complete Package


CartScan comes with complete package include Cart, LiDAR (Versa3D or RT3D), winch with cable and battery pack.

Download CartScan Product Info >>

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