Shortcrete Measurement System

Efficient - Safe - Accurate - Simple - Practical - Affordable

  • Measures differences between two subsequent 3D laser scans.

  • Differences are shown with a color map.

  • Calculates amount of shotcrete of a given thickness needed in a given area.

  • Ideal for measuring thickness of sprayed   shotcrete.

  • Instantly produces shotcrete spray audit report.

  • Markers are used to automatically align the scans before and after shotcrete spray.

  • Each scan takes only two minutes.

  • No special alignment of the scanner is needed.

  • Scanner can be placed at different locations for the two scans.

  • Can also be used to measure rock-mass movements or for convergence measurements.


Quick & Easy Process


Step-1: Install system markers on any 3 - 4 points near where shotcrete is to be sprayed.


Step-2: Perform a two-minute 3D laser scan of the area with Versa3D. No need for any special alignment of the system.


Step-3: Software calculates the amount of shotcrete needed to cover the area with the given thickness.


Step-4: Spray shotcrete.


Step-5: Rescan the area with Versa3D.


Step-6: Software automatically aligns the two scans and shows the thickness of the sprayed shotcrete with different colors.


Package Includes


-Versa3D Scanner


-Battery charger

-Geo-Referencing Markers

-Carrying Case

-Tripod and Accessories

-Phone and Email Support

-Optional Maintenance Plan